First Time Visiting Us?

Here's What to Do and What to Expect!

Preparing to visit

Before visiting make sure your car is ready for us to immediately begin working with. 

1.Make sure all trash is removed from the vehicle (including the cargo area). 

2. Collect personal belongings from cup holders, floors, seats, cargo area, etc.

3. Make sure all trash/debris (i.e. gravel, glass, mulch, construction supplies, nails, hay, etc.) have been cleaned/swept out of the bed of your truck

4. Any vehicle with excessive clumps of dirt, clay, farm excrement, cement dust, and other types of debris underneath its fender wells may be asked to spray these things off before coming to our wash. These things can clog up our environmentally friendly recycling system.

If you have not prepared steps 1-3 prior to arriving we have a dumpster located in the back corner of our parking lot you are welcome to throw any trash in. We have brooms & dustpans upon request to sweep truck beds. Arrange your personal belongings as best as you can off the floor or in one area of the vehicle. We will not touch your belongings but try to work around them as best as we can.

Getting here...

We are located at the corner of Williamson Rd and Plantation Rd in the Hollins area of Roanoke. 

There are two entrances/exits to our parking lot.

One is located on Plantation Rd. (Please use caution when entering the parking lot here, there will be cars, detailers and customers in the parking lot)

The second entrance is on Williamson Rd. This is the more commonly used entrance/exit to our lot.

What do I do?

If you have an appointment for detail work please park your vehicle and see the Cashier.

If you do not have an appointment please get in line to the right of our signs in front of our wash track.

There are 2 signs listing the packages. One hangs above our wash track entrance and the other is a permanent free standing sign to the left of the line. Please review each package and choose the one that suits your needs. If you are having trouble deciding just ask our knowledgeable cashier for recommendations.

Want to check out or services before arriving?

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Paying for your package

Once you have decided which package you'd like make sure to:

- Put your vehicle in park and cut the engine off

- Unlock your vehicle and leave the keys in the ignition or the key fob in your center console.

-Turn off your automated windshield wipers.

-Make sure all your windows are

closed, don't forget to check your sunroof!

Next, stay in your vehicle until our Cashier comes to speak with you OR if you are at our free standing sign directing you to "Please Exit Vehicle Here". Approach the cashier booth.

Once the cashier has taken your wash request and completed the transaction you may take your receipt to our lounge and relax while we take it from here!


Please enjoy our lobby while you wait.

...Enjoy the Roanoke Times newspaper delivered daily.

...Check out what's on TV

...Enjoy a cup of coffee

...Let your kids enjoy books, toys and coloring at our kids table

...Free Guest WiFi

...Popular Magazines

Don't worry about missing your vehicle. Our professional detailers will come to the lobby and get you when your vehicle is finished.

Check your vehicle out with your detailer before you leave. They want to make sure they did a great job! If you would like they also accept cash gratuities not included in the price of your wash.

*at this time we do not offer 'cash back', tips via debit/credit cards or an ATM 

(phone) 540.362.9274

7443 Williamson Rd

Roanoke, 24012


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