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Before visiting make sure your car is ready for us to immediately begin working 

1.Make sure all trash is removed from the vehicle (including the cargo area/truck bed). 

2. Collect personal belongings from cup holders, floors, seats, cargo area, etc.

3. Make sure all trash/debris (i.e. gravel, glass, mulch, construction supplies, nails, hay, etc.) have been cleaned/swept out of your uncovered truck bed. If this step has not been done we will NOT be able to send your vehicle through until you have removed it and may be asked to pull out of line until it is complete.

4. Any vehicle with excessive clumps of dirt, clay, farm excrement, cement dust, and other types of debris underneath its fender wells may be asked to spray these things off before coming to our wash. These things can clog up our environmentally friendly water recycling system.

If you have not prepared steps 1-3 prior to arriving do not get in line.

Please park your vehicle in a parking space while you prepare your vehicle.

We have a dumpster located in the back corner of our parking lot you are welcome to throw any trash in.

We have a broom and dustpan upon request to sweep truck beds.

Arrange your personal belongings as best as you can off the floor or in one area of the vehicle.

We will not touch your belongings but we will try to work around them as best as we can.

Getting here...

We are located at the corner of Williamson Rd and Plantation Rd in the Hollins area of Roanoke. 

There are two entrances/exits to our parking lot.

One is located on Williamson Rd. This is the more commonly used entrance/exit to our lot.

The second entrance is on Plantation Rd. (Please use caution when entering the parking lot here, there will be cars, detailers and customers in the parking lot as you drive around to our wash line).

What do I do?

If you have already prepared your vehicle please get in line to the right of our signs in front of our wash track (follow the arrows marked on the pavement).

We have two signs that list our 6 wash packages available. Please peruse them at your leisure.

Want to check out or services before arriving?

Click Here.

PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL YOU REACH OUR SIGN INSTRUCTING YOU EXIT YOUR VEHICLE OR THE CASHIER SAYS ITS 'OK'. Exiting your vehicle early will not speed up your services and we will ask you to return to your vehicle to wait.



Paying for your package

Once you have decided which package you'd like and have reached the sign to your left instructing your to exit your vehicle remember to do the following:

  • Put your vehicle in park

  • Unlock your vehicle and leave the keys in the ignition or the key fob in your center console.

  • Turn off your automated windshield wipers.

  • Make sure all your windows are closed, don't forget to check your sunroof and any rear windows!

  • Please leave your vehicle doors open.

Once you have completed these items and are at the "Please Exit Vehicles Here" sign you may approach the cashier at our "please pay here" sign.

When the cashier has accepted your payment and given you your receipt, you may walk to the left of the kiosk and enter our building. Please adhere to all posted signage involving social distancing.

     **Please note at this time we do not have an ATM and do not offer cash back for tipping your detailer.

     Once you have paid for your package if you need change let the cashier know and he or she will be more than happy to break any bills for you to tip your detailer.**


Please maintain the social distance recommendation of 6 ft between yourself, staff and other customers at all times. Our lobby and hall floor have been marked to help with this.

Please enjoy our television and the touch-less hand sanitation stations set up around the wash for your convenience

Please be attentive. Our employees may use a combination of the make, model and color of your vehicle to gain your attention when your vehicle is ready.

20200728_104411 (1).jpg

Finishing Up

Please take this time to look over the interior and exterior of your vehicle to ensure your satisfaction. 

Once you are satisfied, our detailers will return your keys/key fob. If you wish to tip your detailer they are allowed to accept cash tips.

As you leave please take care as there will be detailers and other customers moving about the parking lot both inside and outside vehicles.

Have a nice day! We hope to see you soon! 

Still have questions? We may have your answer! Click here to view our FAQs

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